• World is yours.Explore it.

    Personal - name, quote of your choice, a logo can be laser engraved to make Wooddy truly yours
    Durable - high quality materials are precisely laser cut and hand crafted for your satisfaction
    Universal - almost any smartphone fits in Wooddy and allow for immersive VR and 3D experience
    Light - Wooddy is one of the lightest headsets on the market just slightly heavier than a smartphone
    Comfortable - adjustable strap allow for hands-free experience, additional foam keeps your smartphone steady
    Eco-friendly - Wooddy headsets are made of Polish wood and smell like a forest

  • Wooddy is great for many occassions


    Unforgettable gift or souvenir

    Memories can live more in virtual reality

    Way to learn that children love

    Virtual reality brings fun to education making it more effective

    Way to relax like never before

    Virtual reality brings you into the best places, including full panorama vision, sound and even scent

    New dimension for entertainment

    3D movies are just the beginning, you can fully immerse in the world of virtual reality entertainment

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  • You + Wooddy = awesome

    Just mention what kind of organization you are working in and we will tell you

    how VR can improve your position!

  • Share VR experience with our headsets and traditional smartphones

    Use virtual reality for any purpose

  • Our favourite apps

    Try everything!

  • Experience VR now

    First of all you need to download basic Google VR apps which will give you high quality VR experience.
    Try Google Cardboard app - VR hub in your phone.
    Create and enjoy VR photos made in Google Street View.
    Reinvent YouTube app full of VR content.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Which smartphone works with Wooddy headset?

    Any phone that is less than 8 cm wide will fit in Wooddy. That makes it everything with a screen between 3,5 and 5,7 inches.

    How comfortable is it?

    Helmet is designed for people without glasses, however people using glasses also can enjoy VR, simply taking glasses off, surprisingly quality doesn`t change. Size of head doesn`t matter.

    What kind of apps exist on market?

    VR operation system, apps to watch videos from drones, education.
    You can use helmet to watch 360 photos, spheric panoramas, VR-videos,


    How indestructable is it?

    Helmet is wooden, so it is difficult to destroy it. However, there is nothing bad in it if you destroy helmet with your hammer - all in all we are stimulating curiosity. Simply buy new one. Joke.
    Our task was to build strong affordable helmet, so now you can carry it in bag every day, and structure will not change.

    Can it be used by children?

    Every person has to take breaks while using VR helmet. If you experience nausea, discomfort, eye strain, or disorientation, immediately stop using it.
    Wooddy helmet shouldn`t be used by children without parent supervision.
    Also using by children younger than 7 years is not recommended.

  • Mr.Wooddy

    If you have more questions, reach us through messenger page. Our AI or managers will be happy to tell more.

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  • What`s next?

    We've got a top notch team!

    Visualization in 24h

    After submitting the form you will get visualization of project in a way you described it in 24h.

    Confirmation + delivery

    After you will confirm the design we will need some time to prepare the order.

  • Wooden city maps

    Wooden magnificence for your home. Starting from $35

  • 50x70cm

    Parameters of the map

    Laser cut

    Very precise creation process to look maximally elegant

    Warsaw on the wall

    Today we have Polish capital, and more cities are coming

    Wooden magnificence

    Natural material matches any design perfectly

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